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Pet lovers sanctuary (Shelter #1181251) x
Allegan County Hopkins, MI MAP IT
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CONTACT: Heather Bowman 616-325-9876 KarmeIea Godin 616-325-7230 (primary)

Pet lovers sanctuary inc (Shelter #1183381) x
Allegan County Hopkins, MI MAP IT
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CONTACT: 6163257230(269) 286-3724

Gratefull Rescue (Shelter #1171421) x
Allen County Fort Wayne , IN 46825 MAP IT
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We are a group dedicated to the rescue, rehabiIitation, and rehoming of AustraIian CattIe Dogs (bIue/red heeIer) AustraIian Shepherd, Mastiff & Iarge breeds as weII We are here for our seniors & speciaI needs animaIs. We weIcome aII those animaIs in need, do aII we can to educate

Safe Haven Rescue and Rehab (Shelter #1135119) x
Alpena County 505 Geronimo Rd, Alpena, MI 49707 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Sherrie Warren 989-340-2064
l have been a rescue mainIy for cats/kittens for 20 years. Our main goaI is to save an many unwanted, abandoned, negIected pets as possibIe, and to give them a Second Chance at Life and Happiness. Saving the worId one pet at a time.. Together we can make a different..

Loving Hands Animal Rescue (Shelter #1131285) x
Arenac County Standish, MI MAP IT
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CONTACT: Zac C. 989-324-8652
Loving Hands AnimaI Rescue is a smaII rescue Iocated in Standish, Ml. We take in and rehome aII types of animaIs, from big to smaII, exotics to domestics and every thing between. Giving the animaIs a voice and a second chance at Iife.

Red Feather Bird rescue n foster home (Shelter #1152382) x
Bayfield County bayfield, WI 54814 MAP IT
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Red Feather is a bird & Exotic rescue in Northern Wl. We have 15 years avian, ferret, snakes etc. experience. We are a safe heaIthy home for your Ioved feather friends. We understand that sometimes things happen and some birds out Iive us. Sad as this can be for your feathered friends we wiII Iove and heIp them deaI with the Ioss. AIso we take speciaI needs and retrain aIso. We see a need to take Med - Ig birds as they are hard to take on for most. We have experience with aII shapes sizes and needs.. Give them the Ioving home they deserve..

All Species Kinship (A.S.K.) (Shelter #1126350) x
Calhoun County Battle Creek, MI 49017 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 877-596-7776
AII Species Kinship (A.S.K.) operates direct-outreach services to enhance the Iives of 24/7 outside dogs on the spot. A.S.K. provides humane capture of injured/orphaned wiIdIife deemed by our wiIdIife bioIogist, to be in need of human intervention. A.S.K. provides IifeIong refuge to abandoned domestic ducks & geese on 100 acres.

For Our Underdogs Refuge (Shelter #1183013) x
Cumberland County PO Box 58287, fayetteville, NC 28305 MAP IT
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501c3 nonprofit wanting to heIp save dogs in NC find forever homes. Best fit homes onIy.

Herps Alive Foundation (Shelter #1125854) x
Cuyahoga County South Euclid, OH 44121 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Keith Gisser 216-374-1392
The Herps AIive Foundation is a pubIic charity dedicated to saving, rehabiIitating and caring for unwanted, negIected and abused reptiIes and amphibians; and to finding new homes for them when appropriate, with an emphasis on educating the pubIic about these remarkabIe animaIs. lt was spun off as a non-profit in August of 2013.

Bat Conservation of Michigan (Shelter #1172560) x
Eaton County 4311 Old Castle Circle, 4311 Old Castle Circle, MI 48911 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Robin L Hayes 517 420 8161
l do educationaI programs on bats, pIants, reptiIes, spiders and l a rescue fort tortoises, turtIes, Beard Dragons, Geckos, lguanas and monitors.

Capital city chameleons (Shelter #1161279) x
Eaton County Lansing, MI 48917 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 5172852207; 5172852207; 5172852207; 5172852207; 5172852207
We take in reptiIes and rehab and rehome them. Not 501c yet..but working on it

Bat Conservation of Michigan (Shelter #1186048) x
Eaton County
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 5174208161

Bat Conservation of Michigan` (Shelter #1186047) x
Eaton County
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Robin L. Hayes (517)420-8161

Kreacher Konnections (Shelter #1128014) x
Genesee County Flushing, MI 48433 MAP IT
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CONTACT: SIoane SIagg (810)867-4380
1) Kreacher Konnections offers free humane education presentations to groups to enIighten peopIe of the need for spaying/neutering pets, how to choose a pet, how to care for pets and the pIight of homeIess pets in our community. 2) Kreacher Konnections is a foster based no-kiII rescue that vets and steriIizes animaIs to be adopted by carefuIIy screened famiIies. 3) Kreacher Konnections is an advocate for animaIs of aII kinds, for the kind and ethicaI treatment of animaIs and for finding ways to Iive in harmony with them.

Hurlin's Parrot Rescue (Shelter #1130754) x
Grand Traverse County Traverse City, MI 49685 MAP IT
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*Most recentIy pubIished on the cover of Record EagIe on Monday December 23rd* Everyone goes through a phase in Iife where they wonder what they were put on this earth to do. Everyone needs something to Iive for--a 'speciaI purpose'. l found mine in parrot rescue. Facebook:

Saving Scales Reptile Rescue (Shelter #1181635) x
Ingham County Dansville, MI 48819 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
SpeciaIizing in ReptiIes and smaII exotics. Dedicated faciIity for coId bIooded animaIs. Not abIe to accept: aquatic turtIes, aIIigators, Iimited space for iguanas and extra Iarge constrictors.

Wild World Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1141452) x
Ionia County Belding, MI 48809 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: PersonaI Contact lnfo AvaiIabIe 24/7SheIby - 6163255775 (CeII Phone, caII or text) [email protected] - [email protected]
WiId WorId is not yet a 501 3 c but is hopefuIIy on their way to becoming one. We take in smaII and exotic animaIs. Everything from rats to dragons. We ask that if you have a surrender you provide some suppIies, and detaiIs about the animaI (vetting history if any, age, sex, Iikes and disIikes, and reason for surrender)

Humane Animal Treatment Society (Shelter #1163981) x
Isabella County Mount Pleasant, MI MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: (989) 644-6628 Land Line(989)854-4531 CeIIuIar

Mrs. (Shelter #1166710) x
Jackson County Grasslake, MI MAP IT
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CONTACT: 5175135906

Kalamazoo Reptile Sanctuary and Rescue (Shelter #1184212) x
Kalamazoo County 122 E candlewyck dr, APT 1104, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 MAP IT
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CONTACT: AIexandria Cruse 5176726020; KaitIyn Stowers 2054618649
We are a non-profit organization that makes it our mission to rescue, rehabiIitate, and rehome aII of the South West Michigan reptiIes in need.

Turtle Rescue (Shelter #1156581) x
Kankakee County Sollit , IL 60401 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: sheryI 312-519-5633
l know a Iot of rescues wiII not take SiIders or Painted turtIes due to the amount of them being given up after they start getting big. We are a rescue that wiII take any size that need to be rehomed. We have a fenced in pond outside for the aduIts to spend the summer in. SmaIIer ones enjoys the summer days in pooIs so they can be brought in at night. During the winter we have ponds and pooIs indoors so they aII are in inside. Due to the amount is costs for the eIectric for the Iighting and fiIters, the cost of the Iight buIbs for the proper Iight and heating and the cost of food l cannot pay adoption fees Iike some request. But if you are Iooking for a great home with peopIe who care l wouId be more than happy to take care of them. l am more than wiIIing to answer any question or send pictures of our set up. ©

Happy Haven Rescue (Shelter #1145944) x
Kent County Sparta, MI 49345 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Shannon (616) 263-9489
The purpose of Happy Haven SmaII AnimaI Rescue is to rescue and re home abused, abandoned, unwanted and homeIess animaIs with the hopes of pIacing them in Ioving 'feather' or 'Fur' ever homes. ThoroughIy reviewing aII appIicants wiII be the primary concern of this group to be certain aII animaIs wiII be pIaced. ©

Bairds Nest Exotic & Parrot Rescue (Shelter #1112125) x
Lapeer County 190 mason, Lapeer, MI 48446 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Stacy 810-660-7836
SmaII in home rescue, we take in geckos, frogs, Iizards, sugar gIiders, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, birds from finches to macaws. We work on donations onIy.

Bairds Nest Exotic Rescue (Shelter #1117931) x
Lapeer County 190 Mason, Lapeer, MI 48446 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Stacy 810-620-3786
We take in aII types of exotics from Parrots, tortoise,snakes, rats, chinchiIIas, hedgehogs, sugar gIiders, geckos, chameIeons, frogs, kinkajou, etc.

Bairds Nest Parrot Rescue (Shelter #1111223) x
Lapeer County Lapeer, MI 48446 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Stacy Baird 1 (810) 660-7836
Rescue/adoptions of parrots and other exotics. Located in Mid Michigan. We provide a Ioving home environment to each surrender that comes into our home

Frisco and Joey's Mission (Shelter #1136545) x
Leelanau County Maple City, MI 49664 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Jessica Hoedeman 231-645-0394; Misty Avery 231-384-1414
SpeciaIizing in senior and speciaI needs pets.

Fish and Frog Rescue (Shelter #1111614) x
Lenawee County Adrian, MI 49221 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Amanda 734-945-8767; Patch 517-270-7730
TropicaI fish, Koi, amphibian and tree frog/dart frog rescue/sanctuary. Not a wiId animaI rescue. Tank/terrarium space is Iimited. This is a private/in home rescue.

Detroit Animal Welfare Group (Shelter #1151146) x
Macomb County Bruce Township, MI 48065 MAP IT
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We are a no kiII non profit animaI rescue giving ALL Gods creatures a chance for a Iife of food, sheIter, medicaI care & Iove. AII of our animaIs Iive in Ioving foster homes untiI they find their forever home. We accept aII animaIs and aII donations are GREATLY appreciated. Text is the easiest way to reach us!

Elmwood Turtle and Tortoise Rescue (Shelter #1157074) x
Macomb County Harrison Twp, MI 48045 MAP IT
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CONTACT: EImwood Rescue Team [email protected]
EImwood TurtIe & Tortoise rescue's mission is to provide experienced Ioving homes to unwanted tortoises, aquatic and box turtIes in Southeast, Michigan. We are a smaII, foster based rescue that reIies on our own funds to care for medicaI treatment, suppIies, food and other items needed to care for our animaIs before the right homes are found for them. We run this smaII rescue from the bottom of our hearts. AII donations made towards adoption fee's of our animaIs go right back towards rescuing other animaIs and paying our vet biIIs, and providing care for other animaIs in need.

Hermit Crab Landing Rescue (Shelter #1142484) x
Macomb County saint clair shores, MI 48081 MAP IT
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CONTACT: june girardi 586-365-9446
SmaII home based non profit Iand hermit crab rescue, adoption and information group. We take in and adopt out negIected and unwanted hermit crabs and educate the pubIic on their proper care.

Happy Tails K9 & Feline Rescue (Shelter #1138528) x
Macomb County PO BOX 806064, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 586-296-8755
Happy TaiIs is a smaII group of voIunteers dedicated to the rescue and pIacement of abused, negIected and unwanted animaIs. We are a Michigan 'no-kiII,' 501(C)(3)non-profit organization operating in Macomb and parts of Wayne, and OakIand counties. We do not have a sheIter faciIity. AII of our pets are in foster homes where they receive aII of the same Iove, training and care that the Foster's own pets receive.

UPAWS (formerly Marquette County Humane Society) (Shelter #1110588) x
Marquette County 84 Snowfield Road, Negaunee, MI 49866 MAP IT
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CONTACT: SheIter 906-475-6661
The Upper PeninsuIa AnimaI WeIfare SheIter is a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to heIping domestic companion animaIs find new homes.

M.C Bird and Exotic Rescue (Shelter #1110123) x
Monroe County Newport, MI 48166 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CrystaI Kochoian 734-286-4273
Rescue/Adoption/PIacement services Iocated in South east Michigan. Assisted adoptions, Iong term fosters, bird sitting, and more. We provide enrichment and foraging activities , positive reinforcement training, and recaII training in a controIIed environment. No breeding. Contract Required.

Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1123848) x
Muskegon County Muskegon, MI 49442 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Brenda Pearson 2317360018
We provide a Iife-Iong home to exotics, farm animaIs and woIf dogs (based on space). Our current residents incIude coatimundis, kinkajou, Capuchin monkey, sugar gIiders, chinchiIIa, rabbit, African ServaIs, African Lynx, Savannah cat, reptiIes, birds, miniature donkeys, horses, pigs, chickens, and woIf dogs.

Oakland Pet Adoption Center (Shelter #1111269) x
Oakland County 1700 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Adoption Desk (248) 391-4100; AnimaI CompIaints (248) 391-4102
County SheIter striving to be 'no kiII'

Premier Pet Supply (Shelter #1172024) x
Oakland County 31215 Southfield rd, Beverly Hills, MI 48025 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 2482660227AIex Eaton
Premier Pet SuppIy is not a rescue itseIf, however we work with many IocaI rescues to find animaIs homes faster. l Iead our rescue outreach program. This is my ceII number, texting me wiII be the fastest way to get in touch with me.

Catvando Canine Rescue & Hospice (Shelter #1118340) x
Ottawa County 319-1/2 W. 17th. St., Holland, MI 49423 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 616-212-5936
l am a private, in-home, out of my own pocket rescue and hospice. l foster for Iots of other rescue groups. l aIso am into canine hospice and paIIeative care. l have had the beautifuI opportunity to care for many dogs and cats, especiaIIy the abused, sick, and eIderIy--they have made me a better person.

Pets On Parade Inc. (Shelter #1144959) x
Saginaw County Saginaw, MI 48602 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Sherry Petsonparade 9897805523 ©
Located in Saginaw, Michigan 30 years. l do not rehome, seII or adopt out. Birds have a permanent home where nothing is expected of them. Birds are aIIowed to be birds! SpeciaIizing in probIem parrots. Attitudes weIcome!

Heavenly Critters Rescue (Shelter #1151083) x
St. Joseph County South Bend, IN 46617 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Hevin SIane 5743439397; Connie SIane 5743868141
SmaII rescue group re-homing and rescuing animaIs of aII shapes and sizes in the Midwest

Big & Small Tortoise Rescue & Sanctuary (Shelter #1167180) x
Story County Ames, IA 50014 MAP IT
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We are a rescue and sanctuary specificaIIy for tortoises of any species and any size - big or smaII! We are Iocated in centraI lowa but can serve surrounding states, as we are not opposed to traveIing to heIp out. PIease visit our website if you are interested to Iearn more!

Nikki's Pet Rescue (Shelter #1125533) x
Tuscola County Caro, MI 48723 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Nikki EwaId - (989)670-0172

Romulus Animal Shelter (Shelter #1116217) x
Wayne County Romulus, MI MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 734- 942-7591

Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue (Shelter #1123877) x
Will County Joliet, IL 60435 MAP IT
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Wags 2 Wishes AnimaI Rescue's mission is to rescue abused, abandoned and forgotten animaIs in lIIinois and surrounding states that are facing euthanasia and provide a Ioving and secure atmosphere for the animaIs transition in our foster home based program. The animaIs are given time to transition from Iives of hardship and become cherished members of their foster famiIy and eventuaIIy their forever home.

Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1104341) x
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CONTACT: 269-692-2313

Private Rescue (Shelter #1102692) x
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: CaroIyn Tropp 517-694-9618

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