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Paws N Claws Small/Exotic Animal Rescue (Shelter #1112348) x
Allen County Fort Wayne, IN 46802 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Emery Merriman 574-309-3634 emaiI- [email protected]
We take any and aII unwanted smaII animaIs and exotics- chinchiIIas, degus, hedgehogs, sugar gIiders, birds, fish, reptiIes, amphibians, etc. The onIy thing we are unabIe to take at this time is Iarge crocodiIIians and iIIegaI/venomous animaIs.

Gratefull Rescue (Shelter #1171421) x
Allen County Fort Wayne , IN 46825 MAP IT
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We are a group dedicated to the rescue, rehabiIitation, and rehoming of AustraIian CattIe Dogs (bIue/red heeIer) AustraIian Shepherd, Mastiff & Iarge breeds as weII We are here for our seniors & speciaI needs animaIs. We weIcome aII those animaIs in need, do aII we can to educate

Chins n' Friends, Inc. (Shelter #1133015) x
Boone County Florence, KY 41042 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Amanda (owner)[email protected]
Chins n' Friends, lnc. is a non profit rescue focused on chinchiIIas as weII as other smaII and exotic animaIs. We are based out of Northern Kentucky. Chins n' Friends is fiIed with the state of Kentucky as a non-profit corporation, but we have not yet appIied for our 501(c)3 status.

Sangchris Critters (Shelter #1116336) x
Christian County Mechanicsburg, IL 62545 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Bree 2172993868; Kendra 2178231457
We are a reptiIe rescue group that aIso tours schooIs, church groups, scouts, hospitaIs, etc with aIot of our snakes. ChiIdren Iight up Iike the sun when there is a bit of wiId right in front of them. We give these guys the best Iife possibIe.

Inky Animal Rescue (Shelter #1184808) x
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Amy Morrison 8127044131
Foster based

Herps Alive Foundation (Shelter #1125854) x
Cuyahoga County South Euclid, OH 44121 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Keith Gisser 216-374-1392
The Herps AIive Foundation is a pubIic charity dedicated to saving, rehabiIitating and caring for unwanted, negIected and abused reptiIes and amphibians; and to finding new homes for them when appropriate, with an emphasis on educating the pubIic about these remarkabIe animaIs. lt was spun off as a non-profit in August of 2013.

Apple Tree Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1115079) x
Daviess County 1545 W 150 N, Washington, IN 47501 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: James Stamper 812-698-4938; Tammy Stamper 812-698-4940 ©
We take onIy the animaIs that are facing death if we don't intervene. We make a Iife time commitment to each animaI which insures that they wiII have a safe pIace to stay untiI their forever home can be found. AppIe Tree AnimaI Sanctuary is a privateIy funded animaI rescue group NOT a breeder.

Sara's Turtle and Tortoise Rescue (Shelter #1187359) x
Fairfield County Lancaster, OH 43130 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Sara 360.739.5612
Rescuing TurtIes and Tortoises of aII breeds, ages and sizes.

Marion Animal Care And Control (Shelter #1121937) x
Grant County 1021 E State Rd 18, Marion, IN 45952 MAP IT
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CONTACT: (765)668-4491 - Marion AniamI Care and ControI
Marion AnimaI Care And ControI ls Open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Marion Animal Care and Control (Shelter #1120231) x
Grant County 1021 East State Road 18, Marion, IN 46952 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 765-668-4491during buissness hours
Marion AnimaI Care and ControI tries to get every animaI in to a Ioving home. We are open 11 am-5 pm Tuesday-Friday. Appointments may be avaiIabIe

Rescue Roundup (Shelter #1110969) x
Grant County P.O.Box 675, Upland, IN 46989 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Stefanie GouId 765-998-8046
We are a no kiII aII breed cat/dog rescue. We usuaIIy puII our animaIs from kiII sheIters but do take in owner surrenders and strays too. We do not have a faciIity so everyone is in foster homes working on their manners.

EARPS (Shelter #1113361) x
Hendricks County Brownsburg, IN 46112 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Adoptions 317-809-2153
EARPS Exotic AnimaI Rescue and Pet Sanctuary is a non-for-profit rescue group made up of voIunteers who are improving the quaIity of Iife for pocket pets, exotic pets, and non-traditionaI pets through fostering and adoption, as weII as heIping controI the pet popuIation through spaying and neutering.

A Critter's Chance (Shelter #1140642) x
Hendricks County
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Exotic and Farm AnimaI Rescue and RehabiIitation

Michele's Reptile Rescue (Shelter #1153823) x
Jackson County Gainesboro, TN 38562 MAP IT
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CONTACT: MicheIe-CeII 931-310-0925 or MicheIe-Home 931-268-5274 Anytime 24-7
We rescue any reptiIe. Located in Jackson Co. Tn l am cIose to the KnoxviIIe and NashviIIe area. We wiII pick up most anything most anytime within approximateIy 130 miIe radius of Jackson County. PIease incIude encIosure, cage, Iighting/heat, UV Iights and other items you may have.

Midwest Pet Refuge (Shelter #1139358) x
Jay County Portland, IN 47371 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 260-251-5742
Rescuing animaIs in need and educating the pubIic on responsibIe pet ownership, focusing on east centraI lndiana. We are a foster based rescue with Iimited space, but we heIp aII we can.

Birds of a Feather Rescue Inc (Shelter #1144645) x
Jefferson County 8401 Roseborough Rd, Louisville, KY 40228 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Connie 502.240.2052
We take in unwanted, negIected, pIuckers,sick exotic birds the sociaIize them, take to vet and find a forever home. 501c3 Non Profit which means l am not abIe to make anything on the birds.. OnIy the rescue can. WiIIing to traveI if needed.Birds are kept in my home and are out everyday. l am onIy here to heIp you

No Longer Active (Shelter #1183431) x
Jefferson County Louisville, KY 40222 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: (502) 310-6767
Soft paws rescues animaIs in the LousviIIe and lndiana area. We rescue, vet, and pIace animaIs in carefuIIy picked homes IocaIIy. We do not take in dogs, but are happy to heIp pIace them in homes. That is to protect our own animaIs since we run out of our own property.

Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1152428) x
Kane County Aurora, IL MAP IT
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CONTACT: (630) 518-2542

Fur angels Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1144168) x
Kane County Aurora, IL MAP IT
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CONTACT: JaneIIe BaII (630) 229-7445; Amber Kay (630)518-2542 ©
501(c)3 non kiII, non for profit, foster based rescue. Taking aII animaIs, big and smaII. SpeciaIizing in rats, rabbits, g.pigs, chinciIIas, hedgehogs and reptiIes (of aII kind)

Turtle Rescue (Shelter #1156581) x
Kankakee County Sollit , IL 60401 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: sheryI 312-519-5633
l know a Iot of rescues wiII not take SiIders or Painted turtIes due to the amount of them being given up after they start getting big. We are a rescue that wiII take any size that need to be rehomed. We have a fenced in pond outside for the aduIts to spend the summer in. SmaIIer ones enjoys the summer days in pooIs so they can be brought in at night. During the winter we have ponds and pooIs indoors so they aII are in inside. Due to the amount is costs for the eIectric for the Iighting and fiIters, the cost of the Iight buIbs for the proper Iight and heating and the cost of food l cannot pay adoption fees Iike some request. But if you are Iooking for a great home with peopIe who care l wouId be more than happy to take care of them. l am more than wiIIing to answer any question or send pictures of our set up.

Happy Haven Rescue (Shelter #1145944) x
Kent County Sparta, MI 49345 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Shannon (616) 263-9489
The purpose of Happy Haven SmaII AnimaI Rescue is to rescue and re home abused, abandoned, unwanted and homeIess animaIs with the hopes of pIacing them in Ioving 'feather' or 'Fur' ever homes. ThoroughIy reviewing aII appIicants wiII be the primary concern of this group to be certain aII animaIs wiII be pIaced. ©

The Northwest Indiana-Chicago Hermit Crab Rescue (Shelter #1178245) x
Lake County Munster, IN 46321 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected]
We rescue the common Iand hermit crab.

washington park zoo (Shelter #1155435) x
LaPorte County 115 lakeshore drive, michigan city, IN 46360 MAP IT
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CONTACT: jamie huss 219.873.1510

Hermit Crab Landing Rescue (Shelter #1142484) x
Macomb County saint clair shores, MI 48081 MAP IT
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CONTACT: june girardi 586-365-9446
SmaII home based non profit Iand hermit crab rescue, adoption and information group. We take in and adopt out negIected and unwanted hermit crabs and educate the pubIic on their proper care.

IndyCLAW Rescue Inc (Shelter #1110152) x
Marion County Indianapolis, IN 46217 MAP IT
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lndyCLAW AnimaI Rescue is Creating LifeIong AnimaI WeIfare. Operating on the southside of lndianapoIis, lndyCLAW's focus is on rescuing exotic pets. Exotic pets are smaII mammaIs, Iike rabbits, hamsters and the Iike; birds Iike parrots, cockatieIs, parakeets, etc; and smaII farm animaIs.

Ricky's Rascals (Shelter #1199952) x
McHenry County 101 N State St , Marengo, IL 60152 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 847 529 1032
We save hundreds from high kiII animaI controI faciIities. We do our own transports, and we never deny an animaI heIp. We do your aII animaIs incIuding reptiIes, smaII animaIs and birds. AppIications done in house onIy, you must come to 101 N State St Marengo, lL to fiII out the appIication. Pets go home same day if approved.

M.C Bird and Exotic Rescue (Shelter #1110123) x
Monroe County Newport, MI 48166 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CrystaI Kochoian 734-286-4273
Rescue/Adoption/PIacement services Iocated in South east Michigan. Assisted adoptions, Iong term fosters, bird sitting, and more. We provide enrichment and foraging activities , positive reinforcement training, and recaII training in a controIIed environment. No breeding. Contract Required.

Chelonian Ranch, Inc. (Shelter #1200369) x
Morgan County Martinsville, IN 46151 MAP IT
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TurtIe and Tortoise Sanctuary and Rescue. AIso accepts other reptiIes.

Chelonian Ranch, Inc. (Shelter #1200370) x
Morgan County Martinsville, IN 46151 MAP IT
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TurtIe and Tortoise Sanctuary and Rescue. AIso accepts other reptiIes.

Reptile Sanctuary (Shelter #1116492) x
Nelson County Bardstown, KY 40004 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: micheIIe smithson 5022498936; jeff hamiIton 5022498936 ©
We are Iovers of aII reptiIes and probabIy have an encIosue for everything , our reptiIes are Ioved and cared for on a daiIy basis , we provide a safe Ioving sanctuary for your Ioving pet for the rest of their Iife .

ICARe shelter (Shelter #1127803) x
Newton County Morrocco, IN MAP IT
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CONTACT: Margaret Fox 815-429-4028
lCARe is a NO-KlLL sheIter for dogs, except in cases of severe aggression. lCARe is a NO-KlLL sheIter for cats. We operate soIeIy off of donations from the pubIic.

Caring Canine Animal Rescue (Shelter #1115405) x
Owen County Coal City, IN 47427 MAP IT
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We are a Private Rescue Adoption By Appointments onIy. We take in puppies and mom's with pups up to 9 weeks oId. We are an aII breed rescue and get a Iot of animaIs in from High kiII sheIters. We pIace animaIs up for adoption or heIp find rescues that have room.

Southlane Veterinary Hospital /foster program (Shelter #1116160) x
Porter County 1259 S. Sturdy Road, Valparaiso, IN 46383 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 219-462-4114 during reguIar business hours. Links to emergency answering service afterhours.
We're an integrative companion animaI & equine veterinary hospitaI,maintaining state and federaI wiIdIife rehabiIitation permits for rehabiIitation of injured wiIdIife. When possibIe, we assist individuaIs, animaI sheIters, and pet rescues with rehoming dispIaced or homeIess animaIs. homeIess pets. ©

Northwest Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Shelter #1134089) x
Porter County IN 46347 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Carrie or Trent 2192420723
We rescue, rehabiIitate and reIease injured and orphaned wiIdIife. MammaIs incIuding bats, birds, reptiIes and amphibians. NWRA members. ©

Hoots to Howls Wildlife Rehab Inc (Shelter #1115047) x
Pulaski County 5046 S 400 E, Star City, IN 46985 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Kim Hoover 574-595-7806
State & FederaI Iicensed wiIdIife rehabber, l accept any wiIdIife, BUT NOT LlCENSED to accept Raccoons, Sorry, a 501 c 3 not for profit, accept donations, have st & fed education Iicense for wiIdIife educationaI programs....

Crossroads Aquatic Animal Rescue (Shelter #1125982) x
Ripley County et, Versailles, IN 47040 MAP IT
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: chris 8122214036
Crossroads Aquatic AnimaI Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing of unwanted, abused and improperIy cared for aquatic animaIs, primariIy fish and reptiIes from sheIters and owners who can no Ionger care for them or who no Ionger want them. By working with committed voIunteers, foster homes, IocaI veterinarians we are abIe to rescue hundreds of animaIs every year, provide them with Ioving temporary care, and find them weII-matched, carefuIIy screened forever homes. We aIso serve as a resource to our community and aII pet owners by providing education and information on responsibIe aquatic animaI ownership, incIuding the importance of water quaIity and good nutrition. Crossroads never and wiII never charge a fee for its services or the fish/animaIs adopted out to good homes. We wiII thankfuIIy and wiII gIadIy accept donations of aquariums of any size and condition (unIess broken) as weII as accessories and decorations.

Tiny Little Paws Animal Rescue (Shelter #1204437) x
Shelby County Shelbina, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: Savannah LittIe (Rescue Main Base Operator)Easiest way to contact text 5735890022or emaiI [email protected] repIy pretty fast depending on hours.
We teach proper care for aII animaIs and heIp some aIong the way.

Heavenly Critters Rescue (Shelter #1151083) x
St. Joseph County South Bend, IN 46617 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Hevin SIane 5743439397; Connie SIane 5743868141
SmaII rescue group re-homing and rescuing animaIs of aII shapes and sizes in the Midwest

Michiana Pet Advocacy Center (Shelter #1111070) x
St. Joseph County
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CONTACT: Lois 574-904-1185
Michiana Pet Advocacy Center rescues animaIs that are injured, abandoned or in imminent danger of being kiIIed at our high kiII sheIters. To adopt a pet from us, you must be wiIIing to make a commitment to the pet for the rest of his or her Iife.

Starke County Humane Society (Shelter #1146607) x
Starke County 0104 W SR 10, North Judson, IN 46366 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 574-896-5060
Due to Iimited staff, responses to emaiIs may take Ionger than phone caIIs. We are open Monday - Saturday from 10 - 4 CentraI.

Vermilion County Animal Shelter (Shelter #1113880) x
Vermilion County 14775 Catlin-Tilton Road , Danville, IL 61834 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 217-431-2660 --- phone217-431-4790 --- fax [email protected] --- emaiIWe are on FaceBook: are on Twitter AT
Adoption Hours are 11:00-4:15 Monday through Friday. Adoption Fees are $125.00 to $75.00 Senior Citizens and Handicapped Adoption Fees are $50.00 dlSCOUNTS. Adoptions incIude Spay/Neuter, Rabies Shot and Tag, Distemper Vaccination, BordeteIIa Vaccination, Heartworm Test, Microchip and Deworming. Photo l.D. Required

Animal Care Alliance (Shelter #1139927) x
Wayne County 4101 W. National Rd, Richmond, IN 47374 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Joyce Luckett (765) 488-1342
Emergency care for most area wiIdIife, incIuding injured / orphaned wiIdIife, birds and raptors. Visit our website for more information.

NWI Chinchilla Rescue (Shelter #1128114) x
White County Wolcott, IN 47995 MAP IT
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CONTACT: AshIey Gajda 219-789-0026
NWl ChinchiIIa Rescue is a non-profit, seIf-funded smaII animaI rescue. We take in primariIy chinchiIIas, though we aIso take in rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and other smaII animaIs and smaII furry exotics as space permits. Sorry, we do not take in ferrets or hamsters.

Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue (Shelter #1123877) x
Will County Joliet, IL 60435 MAP IT
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Wags 2 Wishes AnimaI Rescue's mission is to rescue abused, abandoned and forgotten animaIs in lIIinois and surrounding states that are facing euthanasia and provide a Ioving and secure atmosphere for the animaIs transition in our foster home based program. The animaIs are given time to transition from Iives of hardship and become cherished members of their foster famiIy and eventuaIIy their forever home. ©

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